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Annual Meeting Awards

Best Long Paper Award

An Yan, Caihong Huang, Jian-Sin Lee, Carole Palmer

Cross-Disciplinary Data Practices in Earth System Science: Aligning Services with Reuse and Reproducibility Priorities

Best Short Paper Award

Donald A. Keefer, Karen M. Wickett

Adapting Research Process Models for the Design of Knowledge Engineering Applications

Best Student Paper Award

Chris Holstrom

The Effects of Suggested Tags and Autocomplete Features on Social Tagging Behaviors

Best Poster Award
1st Place

Zoe Bartliff, Yunhyong Kim, Guy Baxter

Visualisation of Hard Drive Content to Support Archival Processes for Personal Digital Archives

Best Poster Award
2nd Place

Annemaree Lloyd & Alison Hicks,

Risk and Resilience in Radically Redefined Information Environments; Information Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Best Poster Award
3rd Place

Yvette Iribe Ramirez & Mina Tari

I Find Myself Wondering Why I Wanted to Do This:” Identifying Barriers for Students of Color in the LIS Field

Best Poster Award
Honorable Mention

Lo Lee, Melissa Ocepek, Stephann Makri

Soohyung Joo, Maria Cahill, Erin Ingram

Siqi Yi, Stephen Slota, Jakki Bailey, Craig Watkins, Kenneth Fleischmann

Good, Bad, and Practical: Exploring Human Memory in Everyday Information Behavior

Analysis of Topics in Storytime Books based on Text Mining: Preliminary Findings

Understanding How African-American and Latinx Youth Evaluate Their Experiences with Digital Assistants

Best Reviewer Award

Jean Archambeault
Grace Margaret Begany
Diana Floegel
Rick Kopak
Steffen Lemke
Rebecca Muir