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Industry Series

The Industry Series (IS) consists of an invited session that highlights research and technical solutions being carried out in industry, some of which may be of a collaborative nature between academia and industry. The IS creates the opportunity for technical experts from the information industry (1) to bring their problems and ideas to interact directly with academics and practitioners, (2) to present how they support research, and (3) to engage in technical/research exchanges among academics, professionals and industry.

Wednesday, 28 October

11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Information Intensive Industries: Trends and Challenges in the Road Ahead

Speakers: Alex Kasprak,, USA; Cathy King, OCLC, Inc., USA; Mounia Lalmas, @Spotify, UK
Moderators: Lynn Silipigni Connaway, OCLC Research, USA; Jim Jansen, Pennsylvania State University, USA


Information Intensive Industries are a spectrum of businesses and organizations that provide a variety of information products, services, distribution channels, and devices. These industries are, and have been for some time, a rapidly growing part of the world economy. This growth reflects the increased demand for information goods and services by consumers, business, non-profits, educational institutions, and governments. It is difficult to imagine an aspect of our lives that have not been impacted by Information Intensive Industries. There have been great benefits, including music, digital content, motion pictures, gaming, IT devices, social media platforms, and discovery systems, among many others. However, with these great benefits, also have come great challenges, which must be addressed by these Information Intensive Industries. Cathy King, OCLC, Inc., will identify how internal and external research and customer feedback influence product development. Alex Kasprak,, will discuss the methods used to identify and investigate social media manipulation operations while highlighting the rapid dissemination of dangerous online misinformation. Mounia Lalmas will describe the role of research at Spotify.