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Exhibitor Information

The virtual format of the Annual Meeting will allow even more opportunities for vendors to interact with attendees, showcase materials, and gain visibility among the ASIS&T Community. ASIS&T is offering three tiers of exhibits. The diagram below shows how the exhibits will appear to attendees:

Each booth, regardless of size, will include the following:

Booth Images
Jumbo Booth: Image - 576 x 332px @1x and 2x size
Large Booth: Image - 284 x 332px @1x and 2x size
Regular Booth: Image - 284 x 162px @1x and 2x size

Booth Logo
White Transparent Background PNG, high resolution (at least 200px tall)

Booth Title
Thought leadership oriented short tagline, up to 30 characters such as:
“Oculus Presents: The Future of VR” (Oculus VR Example)
“Planning Your Mars Vacation” (SpaceX Example)
“5 Killer Productivity Hacks” ( Example)

Booth Background Image
Format: High-resolution 1600x900 background image (JPG or PNG); either dark (to
accommodate white text) or light (to accommodate black text)

Booth Logo
Format: High-res transparent PNG (square or rectangle, at least 96px tall)

Booth Detailed Title
Format: Longer Form Text (5-8 words)version of the teaser title displayed on on the Booth
Exterior in the Expo Hall

Booth Description
Format: Text, 80-90 words displayed on UI, with ability to bury more under ‘Read more’

Today’s Presenters
Format - for each presenter: Name, image, title, short 15-25 word bio, social profile links
(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

In the Main Content Area exhibitors can offer:

Sponsor can choose to run a live, evergreen, or hybrid event inside their booth

  • Live: Sponsor has booth attendants attend live to deliver the presentation
  • Automated: Sponsor runs pre-recorded videos that autoplay for attendees as they join
  • Hybrid: Sponsor runs pre-recorded videos on a predefined schedule, but booth attendants jump in to engage the audience live from time to time

Banner Offer
Sponsors can drive clicks to a website or landing page
Format: High-res PNG: 1300x112

Interactive Panel
Q&A : Sponsor can run a live moderated Q&A session with attendees
Format: Live

Sponsor can ask attendees to answer questions and determine whether they can see
everyone else’s results
Format: Text, 5-8 words

Sponsors can give away PDFs (white papers, eBooks, etc.) to attendees
Handout Format: PDFs

Pop-up Offers
Push booth visitors a pop-up call to action, inviting them to download a piece of content, join a live session. Offer Image: 162 x 240px


Jumbo Booth: $1,600 USD
Large Booth: $1,400 USD
Regular Booth: $1,200 USD