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Virtual Poster Guidelines

Virtual Poster Presenter Information


  • If your poster submission is accepted, you will be notified of the date and time. Each poster presenter will present in a zoom breakout room, and you will need to be present in the room for the full session time.


  • Your virtual poster can be up to three (3) PowerPoint slides (see styling tips below).


  • To ensure a consistent look throughout the meeting, presenters will be asked to use the ASIS&T Mid-Year Conference template when preparing your slide deck. The template will be available in March.


  • Minimum font size to use in your presentation = 28.


  • Minimize use of animation.


  • Utilize video if appropriate. Video is engaging and breaks the monotony.


  • Have an image or graphic of some type on at least 90% of your slides.


  • Minimize text. If the audience must choose between reading the slide or listening to you, half of your information will be lost to them because they cannot do both.


  • Minimize clutter. Avoid including too much information on one slide.