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Association for Information Science and Technology
2023 Mid-Year Conference
Expanding Horizons of Information Science and Technology and Beyond
April 2023


The ASIS&T Mid-Year Conference addresses information science and technology in all its aspects, its expanding horizons and multiple strands and interdisciplinarity that have been interwoven into a rich tapestry, constantly pushing the boundaries, and presenting new opportunities and challenges. We invite researchers, practitioners, educators, and students to explore topics of current interest and future trends in this vast domain. The ASIS&T Mid-Year Conference will serve as a forum for researchers, scholars, and professionals from around the world to share their research and demonstrate its impact on society. The Conference aims to promote networking among individuals, organizations, and institutions, and is a fully virtual conference available for both ASIS&T members and non-members. The conference will run over a three-day period and will cover all time zones. The format of participation is varied to support numerous ways of learning, engagement, and sharing.

Conference and Track Co-Chairs

Conference Co-Chairs
Imane Hilal, School of Information Sciences, Rabat, Morocco
Hemalata Iyer, University at Albany, SUNY, USA

Paper Co-Chairs
Brian Griffin, University of Toronto, Canada
Blessing Mawire, Integra Consultants, South Africa

Panel Co-Chairs
Bhuva Narayan, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Nosheen Fatima Warraich, University of the Punjab, Pakistan

Poster Co-Chairs
Daniel Alemneh, University of North Texas, USA
Sheila Webber, University of Sheffield iSchool, UK