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2023 Mid-Year Conference Day 2 Schedule

April 12 (Americas & Europe/Africa)
April 12-13 (Asia/Pacific)

All times are shown in Eastern Daylight Time (US). To see the time in your own time zone, click the hyperlink for the time. If you are registered and can't access the platform or you have technical difficulties during the conference, email for assistance.

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Abebe Rorissa, President, ASIS&T, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Keynote Address: Knowledge, Translation, and Relevance: Revisiting Core Information Concepts to Tackle Our Collective Future
Prof. Nadia Caidi, Faculty of Information (iSchool), University of Toronto, Canada - introduced by Daniel Alemneh, Mid-Year Conference Poster Co-Chair, University of North Texas, USA


Panel:  Intellectual Freedom and Access to Controversial Health Information (SIG-Health)
Devon Greyson, University of British Columbia, Canada| Amelia Gibson, University of Maryland at College Park, USA | Shannon Oltmann, University of Kentucky, USA

Lunch Break & Posters

A Qualitative Study of Foreign-Born African Mothers’ Information Behaviors, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions Related to HPV Vaccination
Obianuju Aliche and Mia Liza Lustria, Florida State University, USA

Access and Discovery of Digital Film Archives: An Evaluative Study of Metadata Elements Used as Access Points
Bhakti Gala, Central University of Gujarat, India | Ananya Deka, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Big Data Researchers’ Perceived Value of Big Data Curation
Ayoung Yoon, Indiana University Indianapolis, USA

Female Authorship Has Increased in Computer and Information Sciences, but Further Growth in Gender Representation is Still Needed
Brady Lund, University of North Texas, USA

“I Won’t Lie. I’m Pretty Anti-Twitter”: LIS Students’ Perceptions Toward the Use of Twitter
Africa Hands, University at Buffalo, USA

Incorporating Social VR Technology in Graduate Students’ Collaborative Work: A Comparative User Experience Study of “Horizon Workroom”
Zhan Hu and Jie Jiang, Simmons University, USA

Looking for Information in Health Contexts: A Review of Methods and Theories Used in Health Information Seeking Studies
Ting Wang, Emporia State University, USA

Practicing Serendipity: Information Encountering with Personal Productivity Apps
Jennifer Yoon Sunoo, Simmons University, USA

The Information Consumer Consumed by Information
Emily Vardell, Emporia State University, US

The Role of Paywalls in Online Information Seeking Behavior: A Review of Literature
Richmond Yeboah and Joan Bartlett, McGill University, Canada

Using Altmetric to Explore the Effectiveness of Lay Summaries in Scientific Communication
Deanna Zarrillo, Drexel University, USA



Moderator: Brian Griffin, Mid-Year Conference Paper Co-Chair,University of Toronto, Canada

Finding Harmony: Social Tags and Name Authority Records in the Popular Music Domain
Kabel Stanwicks and Hemalata Iyer, University at Albany, SUNY, USA

Information Needs of Deaf Welders: Improving the Accessibility of Middle-Skill Work
Katherine Hill, HP. Inc | Kenneth Fleischmann, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Oral History Projects’ Multiple Frames of Reference: Implications for Stewardship
Deborah Garwood, Drexel University, USA

Online Service Equality in Public Libraries
Jieli Liu, Indiana University Bloomington, USA



Concurrent Paper Session 1

Moderator: Daniel Alemneh, Mid-Year Conference Poster Co-Chair, University of North Texas, USA

A Hierarchical Model for Human-Robot Interaction
Jessica Barfield, University of Tennessee, USA

A Preliminary Analysis of Post Types of Online Course Discussion
Jianqiang Wang, University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA

Data Visualization Use in JASIST: An Exploratory Look Through Years 2001- 2021
S.O. Jeffcoat, University at Albany, USA

Influences on Deliberation Quality: Exploring How Question Characteristics Affect Scientific Deliberation
Jieli Liu, Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Concurrent Paper Session 2

Moderator: Sheila Webber, Mid-Year Conference Paper Co-Chair, University of Sheffield iSchool, UK

Censorship as Information Behavior
Amanda Hovious, Mirah Dow, and Andrew Smith, Emporia State University, USA

Identifying Affective Gameplay Behaviors: How Video Games Help People Feel Better
Hyerim Cho and Joe Kohlburn, University of Missouri, USA

The Digital Afterlife: An Inquiry Into Digital Remains
Nilou Davoudi, University of British Columbia, Canada

Variations in Political Trolling Tactics Towards Democrat and Republican Candidates Between two US Presidential Election Cycles
Pnina Fichman, Indiana University, USA

Voice Interfaces for Library Accessibility: Challenges Identified by Academic Librarians
Jaxsen Day and Kenneth Fleischmann, University of Texas at Austin, USA


Panel: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in LIS to Drive Sustainability and Growth of the Profession
Murtaza Ashiq and Nosheen Fatima Warraich, University of the Punjab, Pakistan | Bharat Mehra, University of Alabama, USA | Vandana Singh, University of Tennessee, USA

Closing Remarks
Hemalata Iyer, Conference Co-Chair, University at Albany, SUNY, USA