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Digital Storytelling

Keynote Speakers: Karen Diaz and Anne Fields, The Ohio State University Libraries

Program: Digital storytelling is the practice of telling a personal story using multimedia to combine images, music and the storyteller’s voice to create compelling, 3-5 minute videos.

What might this have to do with information science? Why might technically minded people be interested in this topic? Come and hear how digital storytelling contributes to the increasing role of social technologies in our society and in our libraries. This program will further define and illustrate the use of digital storytelling in the library environment. We will see examples of library stories, discuss the potentials for how this medium can be used, discuss the challenges of creating a digital storytelling “program” and issues surrounding how these stories might be stored and shared.

ANNE FIELDS is OSU Libraries Coordinator for Research and Reference. Since coming to Ohio State in 2001, she has served as subject specialist for education. She has a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College, an MLS from University of Iowa and a PhD in English from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Her research interests include digital storytelling, cognition as it applies to information literacy, and how various disciplinary cultures manifest themselves within academic libraries.

KAREN DIAZ is an Instruction Librarian at the Ohio State University Libraries. She teaches and develops online courses and instructional programs on research skills for college students. Karen holds an MLIS from Louisiana State University. She has authored books and articles about online reference and research, and has co-authored one
digital story.