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Careers in Information Science

If you are interested in working in the information science field, there are many different career paths available, including positions within companies, universities, government, and more. Archives and records management, information architecture and website design, computer engineering, and library science are just a sample of the many exciting careers available to you. The options are endless!

Information Professionals are the people who create, organize, and maintain the wealth of information that makes modern life possible. These are the people behind the websites we visit, the search engines we use and the news that we read. They are employed by our hospitals, our cultural institutions, and even some companies. Some information professions have existed for centuries, while others are so new that they don’t have a uniform job title yet. Information professionals are everywhere, and it is the goal of this website to help you get to know them!

From librarians to research scientists, database administrators to SEO analysts, information professionals help to get the right information to the right people at the right time. The information professions exist in almost every field: hospitals and arts organizations require document preservation and retrieval services just as much as businesses and universities.

A sampling of the research, policy, and technology issues addressed by information professionals include digital archives and libraries, electronic records, information retrieval systems, information policy, webometrics, user experience design, visitor studies, economics of information, information visualization, curation, reading interests, document and genre theory, social studies of information, community and indigenous archives, preservation, literacy, management of libraries, archives, and museums, and more.

For those considering a career in information science and technology, has created a guide that explores careers for individuals interested in data science, including salary potential, educational paths, advancement opportunities, and professional resources. Explore the guide to learn more.

For those interested in higher education careers, ASIS&T’s Annual Meeting can help you find your next academic job or qualified candidate. As a free service, ASIS&T brings together hiring departments and job-seeking candidates all in one convenient location.

For Doctoral Students/Academics, ASIS&T’s Annual Meeting (AM) will provide you a venue to explore your job opportunities, get career advice and interview with leading institutions. Explore the current job postings to discover how ASIS&T’s AM can help you obtain your future academic position. Explore the ASIS&T Academic Directory of Programs to find the right program for your goals.

For Higher Education Institutions, ASIS&T’s AM is a convenient recruitment tool for networking and interviewing with qualified candidates in the information studies and technology fields attending the AM.

We’ve assembled a range of job descriptions organized by different occupational groups within the information profession with educational requirements, skills, average salaries and more.  Read interviews from leaders in the field and their advice to those entering the profession.

Advice from Leaders in the Field