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Research Symposia Series

Aims and Objectives of ASIS&T Research Symposium Series 

ASIS&T Research Symposia are research-oriented events that address current, important and emerging topics of interest to the ASIS&T community. Symposia are held independently of the ASIS&T Annual Meetings and may be designed to catalyze and develop new research directions, to build upon existing areas of research, or to facilitate collaboration and knowledge translation with industry and professional practice.

Research Symposia are intended to gather a limited number of researchers and/or professionals from diverse backgrounds, fields and career stages to discuss research focused on a specified theme or problem. Symposia should promote active engagement and exchanges between participants. Symposia should be aimed at both ASIS&T members and non-members, with a view of growing ASIS&T’s membership.

Symposia can be virtual, held on Zoom, in person, or hybrid. Carefully consider the most appropriate format for your symposium. As hybrid events can be difficult to run smoothly, both technically and logistically, we recommend proposing a symposium that is either entirely in person or virtual. If you opt for hybrid, ensure you have appropriate working technical infrastructure (e.g. whole-room camera and microphone setup, projector for Zoom). Also consider how you will ensure equity across in-person and virtual attendees.


ASIS&T will support Research Symposia in a variety of ways (support-in-kind), including setting up registration, promoting the event through various channels (e.g. through chapters), running the Zoom (if entirely virtual), etc.