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Due to a proliferation of fraudulent emails being sent to volunteers and staff at ASIS&T, we have removed email addresses from this public page. Members may find staff member email addresses in the member directory on iConnect.  Non-members wishing to contact a staff member by email may request the address by emailing us.

Executive Director

Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE
Silver Spring, MD

Director of Membership

Terrence Curtiss
Silver Spring, MD

Director of Meetings & Events

Cathy L. Nash, CMP
Silver Spring, MD

AD (3)

Administrative Assistant

Aminta Dawson
Silver Spring, MD

NScoggins (2)

Account and Office Manager

Naonnda Scoggins
Silver Spring, MD

For questions regarding: Contact:
Advertising: Job or Website Terrence Curtiss
Advertising: Meeting Cathy Nash
Awards Lydia Middleton
Board of Directors Lydia Middleton
Bylaws Lydia Middleton
Chapters Terrence Curtiss
Committees Lydia Middleton
Communications Terrence Curtiss Terrence Curtiss
DCMI Lydia Middleton
Digital Library Lydia Middleton
Exhibiting Cathy Nash
Finance & Accounting Naonnda Scoggins
Human Resources Naonnda Scoggins
JASIST Publishing Lydia Middleton
JASIST Subscription Terrence Curtiss
Job Board Lydia Middleton
Knowledge Management Lydia Middleton
Listservs Terrence Curtiss
Meetings Cathy Nash
Member Directory Terrence Curtiss
Member Service / Renewals Terrence Curtiss
Online Bookstore Terrence Curitss
Presidential Initiatives Lydia Middleton
Press Inquiries Lydia Middleton
Registration & Dues Payments Aminta Dawson
SIGs Terrence Curtiss
Social Media Terrence Curtiss
Sponsorship Cathy Nash
Standards Lydia Middleton
Students/Universities Lydia Middleton
Webinars Cathy Nash
Website Terrence Curtiss