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Proposing & Hosting a Regional Meeting

In addition to its Annual Meeting held in October/November each year, ASIS&T and its members host various meetings around the world throughout the year. There are two types of meetings hosted by ASIS&T throughout the year: Chapter Meetings and Regional Meetings.

The primary distinction between Chapter and Regional meetings is that Chapter Meetings are planned and run entirely by the Chapter, though they may ask ASIS&T HQ for help on marketing and registration. Regional Meetings are planned jointly by a local host committee and ASIS&T HQ and run primarily by ASIS&T HQ.

ASIS&T strongly encourages its members to consider hosting a Regional Meeting and invites proposals for that purpose (see submission link below).

The following matrix describes the distinction of responsibilities between local hosts and ASIS&T HQ as it relates to Regional Meeting support.

Additional Regional Meeting guidelines include:

  • If a local chapter exists, it will be recognized as an in-kind sponsor of the Regional Meeting taking place in its area.
  • ASIS&T staff time (both pre-meeting, travel to and on-site) will be accounted for in any Regional Meeting budget.
  • Regional Meeting will not be budgeted at less than break-even.
  • Regional Meeting may not be promoted until an agreement on registration fees has been reached between the local representatives and ASIS&T HQ.
  • ASIS&T HQ may be able to provide a conference submissions portal for use by the planning committee. This can be negotiated as it may have a budgetary impact.
  • All local planning committee members must be current members of ASIS&T.
  • ASIS&T HQ will provide conference/video call facilities for planning coordination.
  • ASIS&T HQ will create a unique web page and registration portal for all regional meetings.
  • All materials generated in the meeting planning process should be loaded to the relevant ASIS&T Community.
How to Host a Regional Meeting

ASIS&T invites its members to consider hosting a regional meeting. If you would like to do so, please follow the link below to submit a proposal: