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Distinguished Member Program

Deadline for 2023 Applications August 31

The designation ASIS&T Distinguished Member is a signature recognition. The achievement comes as a result of hard work, commitment to personal development and a dedication to excellence in the profession. This elite status is attained by those with a demonstrated commitment to mastering their profession through sustained educational pursuits and a proven track record of service to both their community and the information science and technology field.

The ASIS&T Distinguished Member program recognizes up to 10 percent of ASIS&T global membership based on professional experience as well as significant achievements in the information science and technology field through professional service and leadership, and scholarly or professional contributions. It is expected that a Distinguished Member serves as a mentor and role model, guiding career development and excelling in the field.

Distinguished Members may be recognized by the initials ADM after their name. Distinguished Member status lasts five years after which further professional requirements must be met to maintain the designation.


Distinguished Professional Contributions

In addition to the continuing education requirement, candidates for the Distinguished Member designation must have a proven track record of contributions toward the advancement of information science and technology Service and Leadership; and Professional/Scholarly contributions. To meet the distinguished record of contributions, applicants must achieve a minimum of 50 points from the activities listed below. At least 5 points must be earned in each category:

  • Service and Leadership in ASIS&T as follows:
    • Board of Directors Officer (20)
    • Board of Directors Member at Large (15)
    • Committee Chair (10)
    • Committee Member (5)
    • Awards Jury Chair (5)
    • Awards Jury Member (2)
    • SIG or Chapter Chair (10)
    • SIG or Chapter Officer (5)
    • Chapter Cabinet Director (15)
    • SIG Assembly Director (15)
  • Professional/Scholarly Contributions Through Authorship as follows:
    • JASIS&T (10)
    • Inside ASIS&T or (previously) The Bulletin (5)
    • Blog Post on iConnect (2)
  • Professional/Scholarly Contributions at an ASIS&T Meeting as follows:
    • Annual Meeting Paper (5)
    • Annual Meeting Panel (5)
    • Annual Meeting Poster (3)
    • Regional Meeting Presentation (3)
    • ASIS&T Webinar (3)

Renewal & Recognition

At the end of the first five-years of Distinguished Membership and every five years thereafter, Distinguished Members must renew their Distinguished Member status by demonstrating the following:

  • Continuous maintenance of membership throughout the prior five years;
  • Attendance at two or more Annual Meetings during the prior five years;
  • Presenting in two or more Annual or Regional meetings or webinars during the prior five years; and
  • Authorship of two or more articles in JASIST, Inside ASIS&T or iConnect (blog) during the prior five years.

ASIS&T Distinguished Members will be recognized as follows:

  • Lapel Pin Awarded at Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony
  • Certificate Awarded at Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony
  • Electronic badge for use in email, LinkedIn, iConnect, etc.
  • Right to put the initials ADM after their name