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ASIS&T Distinguished Members

The designation ASIS&T Distinguished Member is a signature recognition. The achievement comes as a result of hard work, commitment to personal development and a dedication to excellence in the profession.

This elite status is attained by those with a demonstrated commitment to mastering their profession through sustained educational pursuits and a proven track record of service to both their community and the information science and technology field.


June Abbas
Naresh Agarwal
Daniel Alemneh
Nicholas Belkin
Joseph Busch
Timothy Dickey
Andrew Dillon
Philip Doty
Kenneth R. Fleischmann
Thomas Froehlich
Suliman Hawamdeh
Sandra Hirsh
Boryung Ju
Heidi Julien

Donald Kraft
Dirk Lewandowski
Sanghee Oh
Jian Qin
Soo Young Rieh
Abebe Rorissa
Chirag Shah
Luanne Sinnamon
Linda Smith
Diane Sonnenwald
Beth St. Jean
Julian Warner
Marcia Zeng
Jin Zhang