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APRIL 2017

Vol. 68, No. 4


Comparative opinion mining: A review
Kasturi Dewi Varathan, Anastasia Giachanou and Fabio Crestani

A survey on tag recommendation methods
Fabiano M. Belém, Jussara M. Almeida and Marcos A. Gonçalves


Hypertext configurations: Genres in networked digital media
Niels Ole Finnemann

Behavior-Based Personalization in Web Search
Fei Cai, Shuaiqiang Wang, and Maarten de Rijke

Story-Focused Reading in Online News and Its Potential for User Engagement
Janette Lehmann, Carlos Castillo, Mounia Lalmas, and Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Print or Digital? Reading Behavior and Preferences in Japan
Keiko Kurata, Emi Ishita, Yosuke Miyata, and Yukiko Minami

Evaluation of Context-Aware Recommendation Systems for Information Re-Finding
Maya Sappelli, Suzan Verberne, and Wessel Kraaij

Knowledge-Dissemination Channels: Analytics of Stature Evaluation
Liang Chen, Clyde W. Holsapple, Shih-Hui (Steven) Hsiao, Zhihong Ke, Jae-Young Oh, and Zhiguo Yang

Incremental Author Name Disambiguation by Exploiting Domain-Specific Heuristics
Alan Filipe Santana, Marcos André Gonc¸alves, Alberto H. F. Laender, and Anderson A. Ferreira

Data Reusers’ Trust Development
Ayoung Yoon

Understanding and Supporting Anonymity Policies in Peer Review
Syavash Nobarany and Kellogg S. Booth

Goodreads: A Social Network Site for Book Readers
Mike Thelwall and Kayvan Kousha

Which Type of Citation Analysis Generates the Most Accurate Taxonomy of Scientific and Technical Knowledge?
Richard Klavans and Kevin W. Boyack

Funding Data from Publication Acknowledgments: Coverage, Uses, and Limitations
Nicola Grassano, Daniele Rotolo, Joshua Hutton, Frédérique Lang, and Michael M. Hopkins

Publication Boost in Web of Science Journals and Its Effect on Citation Distributions
Lovro Sˇubelj and Dalibor Fiala

Co-word Maps and Topic Modeling: A Comparison Using Small and Medium-Sized Corpora (N < 1,000)
Loet Leydesdorff and Adina Nerghes

Is Collaboration Among Scientists Related to the Citation Impact of Papers Because Their Quality Increases With
Collaboration? An Analysis Based on Data From F1000Prime and Normalized Citation Scores
Lutz Bornmann

Metrics for Openness
David M. Nichols and Michael B. Twidale


The False Donald J. Trump Article and the Ethics of Misleading Journalism
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva


Relative Citation Ratio (RCR): An Empirical Attempt to Study a New Field-Normalized Bibliometric Indicator
Lutz Bornmann and Robin Haunschild

Book Review

Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited
Hans-Jörg Rheinberger

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