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Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), a fully refereed scholarly and technical periodical, has been published continuously since 1950. Edited by Dr. Steven B. Sawyer, JASIST publishes reports of research and development in a wide range of subjects and applications in information science and technology.

Past Issues of JASIS&T can be accessed through the ASIS&T Digital Library.

Current Issue: February 2023, JASIST Volume 74, Issue 3

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence and Work

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Artificial intelligence in the work context
Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, Christoph Lutz, Karen Boyd, Carsten Oesterlund, Matthew Willis

Locating the work of artificial intelligence ethics
Stephen C. Slota, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Sherri Greenberg, Nitin Verma, Brenna Cummings, Lan Li, Chris Shenefiel

Subgroup formation in human–robot teams: A multi-study mixed-method approach with implications for theory and practice
Sangseok You, Lionel P. Robert

Artificial intelligence changes the way we work: A close look at innovating with chatbots
Xuequn Wang, Xiaolin Lin, Bin Shao

At the crossroads of logics: Automating newswork with artificial intelligence—(Re)defining journalistic logics from the perspective of technologists
Stefanie Sirén-Heikel, Martin Kjellman, Carl-Gustav Lindén

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