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Research Symposia – Proposal


Proposals should contain the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Organizers
    • A proposal is submitted by at most four organizers, with one lead applicant among them. Organizers are not limited to ASIS&T members; however, at least one member of the proposing team must be an ASIS&T member. Proposals from areas underrepresented in the ASIS&T membership or Annual Meeting are welcome.
      • Names, affiliations, and email addresses of all proposers,
      • Brief CV (2 pages per organizer),
      • Prior experience in organizing research events (if any).
  3. Event summary
    • What is the research topic/theme of the symposium and why is it important? (150 words )
    • What are the aims and objectives of the research symposium? Ensure these are likely to facilitate strong research engagement. (200 words max.)
    • Describe the intended program of the research symposium (500 words ). Include:
      • A detailed schedule of the event, including the activities the researching symposium participants will undertake, and the durations
        • Explain why these activities are important for facilitating research engagement.
      • Who are the intended research symposium participants and why are you focusing on this group?
      • What are the anticipated outcomes and/or outputs of the research symposium?
        • Possible outcomes/outputs could include: Publications, collaborations, grant applications, knowledge exchange, research agendas
    • Explain how the research symposium will facilitate strong research engagement and value to ASIS&T (150 words max.)
    • Explain how the research symposium represents value for money (100 words max)
    • Explain how the research symposium will encourage equity, diversity and inclusion (150 words max.).
  4. Proposed Symposium Dates (must take place by end of June 2024)

Selection Criteria and Review Process

All applications will be peer-reviewed by Research Engagement Committee members. The Research Engagement committee will rank proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Committee based on the proposed symposia’s:

  • Significance of topic/event,
  • Quality of proposed program,
  • Value to ASIS&T community,
  • Value for money,
  • Feasibility of plan,
  • Plans for equity, diversity and inclusion.

Decisions on acceptance and revision will be made by the Executive Committee. Organizers of selected symposia will work with ASIS&T staff to implement the program.


Proposals should be submitted to the Chair of the ASIS&T Research Engagement Committee (REC), John Budd ( by July 15, 2024 (11.59pm EDT). If you would like to receive formative feedback on your proposal from REC, submit a draft (also by email) by June 14, 2024 (11.59pm EDT). Submitting a draft for formative feedback is not mandatory. We will send decision notifications in early August.