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Getting Results With Google

On May 13, we hosted Glen Horton, Technology Coordinator and Assistant Director of Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries (SWON).

We use Google on a daily basis:  it’s simple interface and page-ranking make it a great search engine.  However, there is much more to Google than just simple keyword searching.  In this session, Glen discussed some of the lesser-known ways to get better results from your searches, including some of the features, tricks and hacks that make Google more than just a search engine.

Glen demonstrated how to…
–  use special operators to enhance search results
–  use Google’s built-in dictionary, calculator, unit converter, phone book, and more
–  get stock, weather, flight, movie, and package tracking information
–  translate web pages from other languages
–  search Google from your phone, instant messenger, and more

We had 61 attendees at Glen’s presentation.  If you missed this event you can view Glen’s slides on Google Docs to learn more!

Glen Horton is an experienced trainer on technology and its use in all types of libraries.  In addition to training staff in SWON member libraries, he has presented at numerous regional and national conferences, including the Computers in Libraries Conference. He is active in the Southern Ohio Chapter of ASIS&T, the Ohio Council of Library and Information Services, and is the 2007 Coordinator for OLC’s Information Technology Division.