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SIG USE 12th Annual Research Symposium

Theme: Evolving and Emerging Research Methods in Information Behavior, Needs, Seeking, and Use
October 27, 2012, 1:30PM – 6:30PM
Baltimore, MD

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Lightning Talk Abstracts      

Lightning Talk 1

  1. Nadine Desrochers, Diane Rasmussen Neal, and Caroline Whippey, “‘why am I crying?!:’)<3”: Issues of Text and Subtext when Analyzing User-Generated Data”
  2. Jacek Gwizdka, “Peeking inside a Searcher’s Brain: Prospects for Neuro-Information Science”
  3. Kendra Albright, “Investigating the Role of Unconscious Influences in Information Behavior Using Projective Techniques”
  4. Beth St. Jean, “Developing a Card-Sorting Technique for Use in Information Behavior Research”
  5. Soo Young Rieh, “Using the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) in Human Information Behavior Research”
  6. Ji Yeon Yang, “Diary Method: Data Collection and Analysis Strategies”
  7. Rachel Magee, “Expressive Methods and Teens”
  8. Kyungwon Koh, “Exploratory Application of Dervin’s Sense-Making Methodology to Group Interviewing with Teenagers”
  9. Karen Fisher and Phillip Fawcett, “Teen Design Days: Lightning and Enlightening”
  10. Sean Goggins and Christopher Mascaro, ” Group Informatics”
  11. Tiffany Veinot, “Making the ‘Meso’ Visible: Methods for Investigating Information Behavior in Families and Communities”
  12. Shelagh Genuis, “Capacity Building through Photovoice”

Lightning Talk 2

  1. Sanda Erdelez, “Development of a Scale to Measure Individual Differences in Opportunistic Discovery of Information”
  2. Eric Meyers, “Using Machinima to Study Information Exchange in Children’s Virtual Worlds”
  3. Lorri Mon and Ji Sue Lee, “Information Behavior and Information Seeking Research in New Virtual Environments”
  4. Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan, “Wizard of Oz Techniques”
  5. Chirag Shah, “Distributed Searching, United Searchers: Investigating Social and Collaborative Aspects of Information Seeking”
  6. Rong Tang, “Towards a Multi-Phased and Multi-Methods Usability Assessment of Microsoft Surface Table (SUR40) in Libraries
  7. Linda Schamber, “User Information Evaluation Behavior”
  8. Sanghee Oh, “Understanding Health Information Behaviors in Social Q&A: Using the Research Methods of Content Analysis and Text Mining”
  9. Leanne Bowler, “Using Visual Metaphors to Reveal Metacognition in the Context of Information-Seeking Behaviour”
  10. Nadine Desrochers and Jen (J.L.) Pecoskie, “Reading the Writing on the Wall, Page, Book, Site: Using Paratext to Study Writers and Readers’  Informational Habits”
  11. Michael Olsson, “Foucault, Power/Knowledge and Critical Discourse Analysis”
  12. Barbara Wildemuth, “Initial Coding Using Gerunds: Keeping the Focus on Processes”
  13. Ann O’Neill, Sarah Sutton, Samia Azzouz, and Sara deCaro, “Use of a Social Networking Site for Health Information about Fibromyalgia”