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CFP: Values and Design in HCI Education CHI workshop

A call for position papers has been posted for a workshop on Values and Design in HCI Education, to be held April 27th, 2014 at CHI in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Position papers are due January 17th; they should be 2-4 pages in length and describe prospective participants’ interests in and experiences with values and design in educational environments. The workshop asks:

How do we teach future engineers, designers, and citizens to understand values issues that arise in the design of technologies, and to identify and embody specific values in design? … We will consider learning environments from classrooms to conference workshops, industry events and more. Through group discussion and exercises, participants will develop solutions to the challenges of theorizing, describing, and teaching about values and design.

Position papers should be e-mailed to Jes Koepfler (of the University of Maryland, College Park), one of the organizers of the workshop, by January 17th. Co-organizers include Luke Stark (NYU), Paul Dourish (UC-Irvine), Phoebe Sengers (Cornell), and Katie Shilton (Maryland). Please review the full calland contact the organizers with any questions you may have; good luck to all who submit!