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New Newsletter Category

The ESC newsletter gets an update! The new category “I was at…” will give you the chance to share your experience from conferences around the world. This category replaces the former “Reports” category where students wrote summaries of conferences they have attended. By introducing the new category, we would like to bring the focus on you as the author and your individual experiences. Tell us what your interests are and why you attended at the conference. What was your personal highlight and if you had the chance to present your own work – tell us more about this!

We invite you to share your experiences with our audience. By the way, we know that not only young researchers but a lot of professors are readers of this newsletter, too.

This newsletter primarily addresses students and researchers of Library and Information Science but you can also write about related fields like eGovernment, social science, arts or computer science. We would like you to share those experiences, too.

Why should you contribute?

  • You will have the chance to reach young researchers and information professionals in Europe and abroad.
  • If you have had a publication in a conference proceeding, this newsletter is a good way to inform a larger audience about your work.
  • You may inspire young researchers who are looking for interesting research topics.
  • You can show others how conferences in library and information science are organized in your country or community.

On the next page, you will find a prototypical form of this new category. If you like to share your own experiences just use this form. It serves as a guideline: you are not obliged to fill out every field and you may also create new fields for your own needs. Merely the characteristics of this category (see this newsletter’s contributions for some examples) should remain.

If you would like to write about an interesting conference, workshop or meeting that you have attended and contribute to the next newsletter, please write us an email till the 25th of June, 2014:

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Your ESC Board

You may download a docx or a pdf version of the formular.
And an Report_Example