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Web Presence Update: Do you favor a favicon?

The Web Presence Task Force is really excited about the work that @SevenHeadsDesign continues to do for our website redesign! We’re still on track to launch the new site design at the Annual Meeting in November, but we’ll post some bits and pieces here on the blog before then. You could say we’re trying to get some buzz going.

One topic of intense debate in the Task Force’s discussions has been the favicon, also known as the tiny image that you see in the browser tabs. You can see several recognizable favicons in the following screenshot from my Firefox tabs:


So, from left to right, I have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, The ASIS&T Blog, and YouTube pinned. The Weather Channel and CNN are not pinned, but their favicons are still present.

The favicon may seem like an overlooked element, but we also subconsciously internalize them as part of a website’s brand. This is why we’d love to hear your opinions on a few potential favicon designs. Which one do you like and why? For the sake of discussion, we’ll call them #1, #2, #3, and #4, from top to bottom:


Please share your opinions by replying in the comments sections of this post before Monday, September 15. The Annual Meeting is approaching quickly, and we want to have a fabulous new site to share with you there. See you then!

On behalf of your Web Presence Task Force,