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Web Redesign Update: Groups and SIGs and Chapters, oh my!

Hello ASIS&T! Once again, the Web Redesign Task Force needs your input.

Those of us who have been involved with ASIS&T for a while might recognize that we have a bit of an “alphabet soup” when it comes to our individual groups within the association. Arguably, our biggest groups are:

  • Regional Chapters, which are defined by geographic locale, such as the Taipei Chapter and the New England Chapter
  • Student Chapters, which serve student members, such as the Simmons College Student Chapter and the University of Denver Student Chapter
  • Special Interest Groups, or SIGs, which address specific ares of information such as Digital Libraries (SIG DL) and Visualization, Images, and Sound (SIG VIS)

These structures can be confusing to prospective and new members, and may even be confusing to longtime members as well!

With the redesign, we’re trying to address ways to make these groups more accessible so that all members can find their chapters and SIGs more easily without having to worry too much about all the alphabet soup stuff. To that end, we’re looking at a few different options for organizing the structure of these categories so that it’s easier to understand for everyone.

Below you’ll see three different options for organizing this section of the new website. Which structure makes the most sense to you, and why? Or do you have a different structure to suggest? Please let us know in the comments. In addition to your own perception, try to “think like a new member” as well, because we’re really interested in not confusing new people.

sitemap options

Your ongoing input is very much appreciated. Have a great one!