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ASIST SIGDL 2014 Deborah Barreau Memorial Award Winner Announced

The Digital Libraries Special Interest Group (SIG-DL) of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is pleased to honor Ngozi Okoro as the 2014 recipient of the Dr. Deborah Barreau Memorial Award.

As coordinator of the SIG-DL Webinar program for 2014, Ngozi produced an outstanding series of professional development webinars that were attended by SIG-DL and ASIS&T members, as well as Digital Libraries practitioners and students from all over the world. Webinar subjects included web archiving using the Internet Archive’s Archive it application, Digital Asset Management best practices, and data archiving and management using DataVerse.

“This year Ngozi scheduled a variety of timely and topical webinar presentations that were well attended and well regarded by the ASIS&T membership. She worked very independently in this venture, making contacts with speakers, scheduling the webinars and managing the webinar events with little or no outside assistance. The SIG-DL webinar program was very successful this year due to Ngozi’s efforts,” remarked Kevin Comerford, 2014 Chair of SIG-DL.

The Dr. Deborah Barreau Memorial Award honors ASIS&T SIG-DL members who have made significant contributions to the Digital Libraries Special Interest Group through service, projects, research or professional development initiatives that enrich the SIG-DL community. The award is intended to encourage active engagement of SIG-DL members, recognizing outstanding service to the SIG. The Dr. Deborah Barreau Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to SIG-DL was established in memory of Dr. Deborah Barreau, a leader in ASIS&T for many years and served as an advocate for SIG-DL and emerging leaders within the ASIS&T Community.

Ngozi Okoro will be honored during a ceremony that will be held during the SIG-DL business meeting at the ASIS&T Annual Conference on November 4, 2014 in Seattle, Washington.