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ASIS&T SIG/STI Sponsors a Best Paper Award

The special interest group (SIG), Scientific and Technical Information, is pleased to announce their annual Best Paper Award. This award is conferred upon a research article, which is acknowledged by our peers as the best paper in the library and information science literature that pertains to the subject of scientific and technical information.  The winner will receive a cash stipend of $500 that is earmarked for attending the 2015 ASIS&T annual conference, held this year November 6-10, in St. Louis Missouri.

Anyone interested in applying for this year’s STI Best Paper Award, please read the guidelines and instructions below. Please send your paper submissions to the Award Jury Chair: Professor Qin Jian ( Submission deadline for the award is July 31, 2015.

Rules for Applying for the SIG/STI Best Paper Award

1.      Nature of the award

Author or authors who win the STI best paper award will receive a cash stipend of $500, which is ear-marked for the awardee, or awardees, to attend the ASIS&T annual conference.  The award shall be announced by the Jury Chair by no later than one month prior to the start of the annual ASIS&T conference.

2.      Purpose of the award

The purpose of the SIG/STI award is to recognize the best paper in the library and information science literature that is devoted to the subject of Scientific and Technical Information. The paper is required to be published in the literature within the two previous calendar years. It must be published in either a peer reviewed journal or a conference proceeding.

3.      Eligibility criteria for the award

  • Peer reviewed paper or conference proceeding, must be published during the previous two calendar years.
  • At least one author must be a current member of ASIS&T.
  • At least one author must register for the ASIS&T annual conference and attend the SIG/ STI business meeting during the ASIS&T annual conference.
  • The subject of the paper must fall within the subject of Scientific and Technical Information.

4.      Administration of the award

The Paper Award is sponsored by SIG/STI.  It is administered by the SIG STI Awards Jury.

5.      Nominations for the award

Nominations for the Best Paper Award shall be submitted by email to the Award Jury Chair. The nomination must include: a full citation and a brief summary that justifies why the paper was nominated; a copy of the article should accompany the nomination.  An individual may nominate himself or herself.

6.      Selection of the Awardee

Jury members will gain access to the papers nominated for the award. Content of each eligible paper shall be appraised by the jury members.  Each paper will be assessed through an established set of criteria and can accrue a maximum number of 100 points. Each paper will be evaluated in terms of the following criteria:

  • Theoretical or conceptual framework relevant to the description of scientific and technical information systems and services.  (Maximum:  10 points)
  • Well defined problem statement, sound methodology and clearly documented references. (Maximum:  20 points)
  • Significance and implications of the research findings. (Maximum:  30 points)
  • Innovation and originality of research. (Maximum:  30 points)
  • Clarity of expression. (Maximum: 10 points)

7.      Presentation of Award

In recognition of winning the best paper award, the recipient, or recipients, will receive the $500 award, which will be presented at the yearly SIG/STI business meeting held during the annual ASIS&T conference.

8.      Publicity

The award shall be posted in the STI listserv, the STI web site, and STI social media site.  In addition, it shall also be posted by any chapter with which the winner is affiliated.

9.      Deadline

  • The Call for Submissions for the SIG STI Paper Award shall be published during the spring.
  • The Submission Deadline is July 31th.
  • The awardee will be notified approximately one month before the start of the ASIS&T annual meeting.

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