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Reach out and HUG-a-SIG in April (#hugasig)

It is official: spring is in the air! While Valentine’s Day is already far behind us, we here at ASIS&T are spreading the information science and technology love. To promote the value of involvement with SIGs and to support overall membership efforts across the organization, we encourage new and existing Members to get involved with an ASIS&T SIG in the month of April.

Did you know:

  • as part of your ASIS&T membership you can join any one of the 21 ASIS&T Special Interest Groups (SIGs)??
  • you can join as many SIGs as you like for free??
  • SIGs offer a specialized focus on key interest areas in information sciences??
  • SIGs need volunteers and engagement, and present a great opportunity to get involved??
  • many times, SIGs offer exclusive events, guest speakers, and help to promote other opportunities including conferences, calls for papers, publications, and awards??

To see what SIGs do, how they engage with Members, and the value they bring to ASIS&T, please check out the recent – fantastic – interview with SIG AH (:-)) or this interview with the award-winning SIG DL.

Joining a SIG and/or getting involved is easy!

If you are a new Member or are considering joining ASIS&T, you can sign up for a SIG on your initial application or when you receive your new Member information and ASIS&T login credentials. For existing Members, please follow the instructions on the ASIS&T website for logging in to access your Member Profile (where you can add/modify your SIG selection):

To log in, go to and enter your User Name and password.  You will be thanked for logging in. Click on OK and you will go to a membership page where you can update your Membership Profile  (in the left hand column). 

Your User Name is the first initial of your first name and your last name, in lower case.  Your password is your 6 digit ASIS&T member number.  

Example for Jane Doe:

User Name:  jdoe
Password:  123456

If you don’t know your member number or your login isn’t working, please contact ASIS&T.

If you are already a SIG member, make sure you are following them on social media and have signed up for their listserv. Perhaps they have an event coming up? Maybe they are planning a panel or student research competition for the Annual Conference in St. Louis? I can almost guarantee that you will find an opportunity to exchange ideas, to stay informed, and to get involved with a smaller organization within the larger international ASIS&T association.

So go ahead…reach out and HUG-a-SIG of your choice in April and take full advantage of your ASIS&T membership. You, and your SIG, will appreciate it!

When you sign up, let us know by Tweeting to @asist_org or use #hugasig.