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Invitation to fill out our Information Professionals Survey!

ASIS&T’s Information Professionals Task Force has been hard at work for the last several months. According to the task force’s web page, its charge is as follows:

… to create a web presence that highlights the diversity and value of the information professions to increase awareness and interest among the general public and students. It will also serve as a point of contact between potential employers, and established and aspiring information professionals. The web presence will be designed to define “Information Professional,” as a generic term to refer to professionally trained workers in information intensive environments, but will also include the ASIS&T brand. The site will highlight information professional career paths and job descriptions and will provide leads to educational programs, jobs, and professional organizations.

To that end, you are invited to complete a very short survey about your professional role and your thoughts regarding what an “information professional” is.

The survey is available at

Thanks in advance!