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SIG Cabinet positions are available! Nominate yourself or a friend!

Calling all ASIS&T members! Are you active within our Special Interest Groups (SIGs)? Have you chaired a SIG, or have you recently been involved in the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee? If so, why not consider running for an available position on the SIG Cabinet? You would work with the SIG Cabinet Director on managing the SIGs, and play a substantial role in SIG leadership!

Details about the available positions appear below.


This is a call for expressions of interest and/or nominations for individuals who are interested in serving as part of the leadership of the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee. The SIG Cabinet Steering Committee has the general responsibility of assisting the Cabinet Director in the management of the SIG Cabinet, which consists of the Cabinet Director, the Director-elect/Deputy Director, the Immediate Past Director, and four advisors elected from among the current SIG officers and Cabinet Representatives, each of whom serves a two-year staggered term. One member of the Cabinet Steering Committee is elected in odd years; the other three members are elected in even years. Members of the Steering Committee are responsible for evaluating and approving all Project and Reserve Fund requests, for serving on the SIG Member of the Year and SIG Publication of the Year juries, and for serving as liaisons between the SIGs and the Cabinet Director.

Two positions are available –

[1] Deputy Director SIG Cabinet/Director-elect (three year term)

[2] SIG Cabinet advisor (two year term)

If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone to serve please email

Eligibility requirements for both positions:

*Must be a current ASIS&T member
*Must have held ONE of the following positions:

(1)  Is a current SIG Cabinet Steering Committee member OR

(2)  Has served as a SIG representative to the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee during the last three years OR

(3)  Has served as Chair of one of the Special Interest Groups

Position descriptions:

SIG Cabinet advisor. Two year term beginning at the annual meeting in 2015.

Evaluate and approve all Project and Reserve Fund requests. Serving on the SIG Member of the Year and SIG Publication of the Year juries.  Serve as liaison between the SIGs and the Cabinet Director. Support Cabinet Director as needed.

Deputy SIG Cabinet Director. Three year term for this position beginning at the 2015 annual meeting.

First year title: Deputy SIG Director [SIG Cabinet Director elect] – also serves as a non-voting member of ASIST Board. Chair of the SIG Publication of the Year committee

Second year title: SIG Cabinet Director. Member of ASIST Board. Voting member of the ASIST Board. Chair of the SIG Member of the Year committee

Third year title Immediate Past SIG Cabinet Director. Chair of several nominating committees. Chair of the SIG of the Year committee.

Duties for the Deputy Director / Director-Elect:

  • Assist the Director as needed, manage the SIG-L listserv
  • Take notes at the Annual Meeting of the Cabinet
  • Attend ASIS&T Board meetings as a nonvoting member with voice. In the Director’s absence, the Deputy Director / Director-Elect has vote as well.
  • Serve as the SIGs liaison to ASIS&T Committees at the discretion of the ASIS&T President including service as Chair of the SIG Publication of the Year Award committee, and serve on other SIG awards committees.

Neither ASIST nor individual SIGs may support the travel expenses of attendees at the SIG Cabinet Meeting. These expenses must be borne by the individuals. An individual need not be a registered attendee at the meeting in order to represent a SIG at a Cabinet meeting. ASIST does provide some travel support for the Director and Deputy Director of the SIG Cabinet to attend two ASIST board meetings scheduled each year (one in summer, one at the annual meeting).

If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone to serve, please email