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The ASIS&T Strategic Planning Report is now available!

Submitted by Sandy Hirsh, 2015 ASIS&T President

The Strategic Planning Taskforce (SPTF), which I formed at the 2014 Annual Meeting, has been hard at work this year!  This taskforce was charged with:

  • reviewing ASIS&T’s mission, vision, and goals and translating these into clear actions that can be reported on;
  • surveying (using various tools, including focus groups, interviews, surveys and other instruments) ASIS&T members to ensure the association is meeting membership needs and being more transparent;
  • developing a plan of action, with goals and objectives, that will provide strategic direction for the association, thus setting the association up for long-term success;
  • assessing resources to better align the association with the strategic goals and objectives.

The SPTF has completed the data collection phase, which involved analyzing membership data and trends, performing environmental scans, talking with members from all around the world, and meeting with former members and potential members.  I am pleased to share their analysis of the key findings from the data collection and the five strategic directions which they identified:  1) Membership, 2) Programs/Services/Mentoring, 3) Publications/Communications/Social Media, 4) Publicity/Outreach/Advocacy, and 5) Institutional Knowledge.

You can read the full report, ASIS&T Strategic Planning Report: Key Findings and Strategic Directions, HERE.

The taskforce is finishing up the draft strategic plan, in close collaboration with the ASIS&T Board of Directors. The draft strategic plan will be distributed and available soon for comment in September/October 2015. Virtual town hall sessions will be held to solicit member feedback. We will be sending out more information about the dates and times for these sessions soon. In the meantime, please send your thoughts about the draft electronically. You can email us at, tweet to us @asist_org, post on our Facebook page, post on our LinkedIn group, or simply comment on this post.

I would like to thank the Strategic Planning Task Force Members for their great work!  They have been working tirelessly on this ambitious initiative. Chaired by Michael Leach, the taskforce members include Naresh Agarwal, Shanju Chang, myself, Maric Kramer, Heather Pfeiffer (listed alphabetically by last name).

I would especially like to thank all of you, who have participated in the strategic planning process to date.  Your contributions are helping us create a shared future vision for ASIS&T and ensure that ASIS&T will be set up for success for many years to come.  I hope that you will continue to participate in this process when we share the draft strategic plan in the next couple of weeks.