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Diversity & Inclusion Luncheon

The ASIS&T 2016 AM conference will host its first Diversity and Inclusion Luncheon on Monday, Oct. 17. This sold out luncheon is designed to deepen engagement with multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion. These issues include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, culture and nationality; age and professional experience; gender identity and sexual orientation; (dis)ability and impairments; religious beliefs; work-life-balance and needs of parents and other caretakers.

This luncheon is intended as a social engagement platform to celebrate diversity, discuss challenges, and collaborate on strategies to bolster diversity and inclusion in ASIS&T. During the luncheon, a list of select speakers will share their personal views and life experiences on specific issues regarding diversity and inclusion*.*

These talks will highlight everyday challenges and strategies and serve as prompts for table discussions among lunch attendees. Attendees will then be invited to discuss related issues in lunch table groups.