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What does information look like? By Si Sun

Si Sun, the author of this post, is a student volunteer at #ASIST2015. 

What does information look like – internationally? Rebecca Noone from University of Toronto spent most of the morning completing the reassembling of an artistic demonstration of her and her colleagues’ work. These drawings on square shaped pieces of paper are called “iSquare” images. They show how people around the world understand information in the form of drawing.


Here is a close-up look at one of the iSquare images.


Aside from the images posted on the display board, there are more scattered on the table in front, allowing easy interactions and a close up look.

A panel session on this project was held Sunday at 3:30pm with many collaborators calling in from around the world.

Want to take a closer look? You can still find this interesting piece of work on the third floor around the registration area.