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Best ASIST so far… by Anmol Kalsi


Anmol Kalsi, the author of this post, is a student volunteer at #ASIST2015. 

Having been coming to ASIST for the six years, I have to say this is the most fantastic conference I’ve attended, so if you’re not here you’re missing out big time. We’re all having so much fun, bursting at the seams with a flood of cutting edge knowledge and research (as well as from the exquisite cuisines on offer all over St. Louis). My fellow student volunteer, the fantastic Si Sun is somewhere capturing the fun photographically, soon to be posted on this blog I believe, so you’ll see for yourself. There are so many fun things going on and everywhere you look you’ll be surrounded by the most joyful people who have surely discovered the secret to living a life of happiness. I witnessed this myself at the “Self-preservation in Academia Today” session where the attendees left with the most rapturous countenances spread across their glowing faces, clearly gleeful now armed with the knowledge of utilizing social media in order to shout even louder to obtain the attention of the world that exists inside their heads.


Oh and the night before…


The Welcome Reception/SIG Rush: the place was buzzing like a working man’s tavern after a hard day’s laboring down the mines. Delicious snacks and drinks were served by mouthwateringly delicious waiters. Raucous laughter reverberated around the Grand Ballroom. Conversations about citation metrics, tweets, assessment, retrieval, users, taxonomies, ontologies, operationalizing indexing meant everyone was bouncing with excitement that simply could not be contained.


The secret student reception was sex, drugs and rock n’roll through and through. You didn’t expect anything less did you? Let’s just say everyone here would’ve got passed the bouncers in Berghain no sweat. If you want to know more about what happened you’ll just have to wait until the next secret student party next year in Copenhagen.