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Three Dinners a Day – We All Have a Dessert Stomach for Networking, by Si Sun

Si Sun, the author of this post, is a student volunteer at #ASIST2015. 

With ASIS&T AM about to end, perhaps too promptly, many of us are taking the opportunity to continue catching up with old friends and making new ones. This lead some of us to exercise our “dessert stomach” to accommodate all that extra food that comes in with all the additional dinners we had.
So what is this “dessert stomach”? When we dine out with a regular appetizer-entree-dessert structure, some of us can feel pretty full after the entree and feel guilty gulping down the dessert. At this time, I would say, “Hey, I have a dessert stomach. All that dessert goes in there and disappears into another space.” and then breath down the dessert.
One can never get tired of deliciously dessert, and our attendees can never get tired of the fun and exciting networking opportunities. So we would go to the steak house at Hyatt for warm up, the Alumni reception on the 18th floor, and then one of the delicious restaurants on Washington Street for a local taste with our SIG members, old colleagues, and future collaborators. We end up using both dessert stomach, the one for actual dessert and the one for networking.
Jokes aside, ASIS&T AM is the only conference so far where I experienced this “dessert stomach” phenomenon. All the receptions with different themes, the spacious poster presentation areas, and the friendly atmosphere are especially encouraging for networkers. Attending ASIS&T AM since 2012, this tradition has never wavered.
Way to go, ASIS&T! See you in Copenhagen in 2016.