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AMCIS 2016: Call for Proposals

Call for Papers: 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems
August 11 – 13, 2016, San Diego, CA, USA

We welcome papers for the mini track titled “Social Theory in Information Systems (STIR ’16)”, for AMCIS 2016. Details are as follows:

Track: Social Technical Issues and Social Inclusion Track
Mini Track Title: Social Theory in Information Systems (STIR ’16)


This year we are proud to celebrate the 20th consecutive year of the Social Theory in Information Systems Research minitrack. Since 1996, scholars and researchers have presented cutting edge research, using social theory in their work.

STIR’16 solicits papers that use social theory in IS research drawing upon such approaches as sociotechnical theory, critical theory, social informatics, and organizational theory. We are interested in highlighting research that critically examines the constitution of ICT, and their roles in organizations and society. We are interested in research that addresses the conference theme, Surfing the IT Innovation Wave; focusing on innovative uses of theories and methodologies to study the impacts of new and emerging technologies, such as social media and wearable technologies, on people’s organizational and social lives and on organizations and institutions.

Issues might include designing smart and sustainable digital futures, critically examining the constitution of ICTs, and their roles in the design, maintenance and dissolution of online and offline communities, and posing and investigating questions about how we interact with ICTs in our work and social lives in ways that help and sometimes hinder progress towards more useful, productive, and happier lives. Please join us in San Diego for this milestone!

Suggested Topics

In addition to research aligned with the conference theme we are also interested in high quality empirical and conceptual work that uses social theory to study and understand:

  • The interplay between ICT and the development, implementation, and evaluation of Blue Ocean Strategy
    • The implications of social networks for organizations and social groups
    • Conceptual and empirical work focusing on the ways ICT can promote or hinder social inclusion
    • The significance of cyberinfrastructure for commerce, governing and research and sustainable development
    • The relationships between ICTs and people as they participate in online communities and virtual teams
    • Online communities of practice, their processes and outcomes
    • The dynamics of and social and cultural impacts on ICT
    • Hacktivism and the use of technology to mobilize resources and advance ideology
    • Unintended consequences of technology implementation and use in organizations and in social life
    • Scientific collaboration and scholarly communication as enabled and constrained by ICTs
    • The impacts of social computing on our social and work lives


Submissions may be of two types:

  • Completed research papers (< 5000 words, excluding references, tables, and figures)
  • Research-in-progress papers (< 3500 words, excluding references, tables, and figures)

All conference submissions will be double-blind, peer reviewed, and must be submitted using the online submission system at

For complete instructions for authors and information about the conference, visit the AMCIS 2016 website at


January 4, 2016: Manuscript submissions for AMCIS 2016 begin

March 2, 2016: AMCIS manuscript submissions closes for authors at 10:00am PST


Pnina Fichman, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University

Howard Rosenbaum, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University