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ASIS&T’s statement in support of the Department of Information Science at the University of Düsseldorf

As the leading organization dedicated to advancing information professionals and the field of information science, the Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) is concerned about the sudden closing of the Department of Information Science of the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Düsseldorf.For over 75 years, ASIS&T members—thousands of researchers, developers, practitioners, students, and professors in the field of information science and technology from 50 countries around the world—have been leading the search for new and better theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information. Our members share a common interest in improving the ways society stores, retrieves, analyzes, manages, archives and disseminates information.

As such, we deem it essential that Information Science programs and departments be adequately supported to continue to educate information professionals, to encourage research, development and applications that advance the field of information science; as well as to increase public awareness of the field’s benefits to society. Information is indeed a vital resource for a functioning democracy. The closure of any Information Science department would mean the discontinuation of the provision of highly-qualified professionals trained to tackle emerging issues in our networked societies and economies. The Department of information Science of the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Düsseldorf, with its four degree programs, is a vital player in the European Information Science scene, altogether training close to 1,000 students, and producing vibrant and quality research.

We urge the leadership at the Philosophical Faculty and at the University of Düsseldorf to find an alternative solution to the imminent closure of the Department of Information Science.


The ASIS&T Board:
Dr. Nadia Caidi (President), Dr. Lynn Sillipigni Connaway (President-Elect), Dr. Sandy Hirsh (Past President), Dr. Vicki L. Gregory, Dr. Chirag Shah, Dr. Lynn Westbrook, Dr. Kristene Unsworth, Dr. June Abbas, Dr. Jamshid Beheshti, Dr. Lauren Harrison, Dr. Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Dr. Kathryn La Barre, Dr. Abebe Rorissa, Mr. Steve Hardin.