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1st Interdisciplinary Summer school on Privacy (ISP 2016) – Call for Participation

Doctoral researchers working on privacy, data protection,
security, surveillance and ethics are invited to participate in the first
Interdisciplinary Summer school on Privacy (ISP 2016) to be held from
July 10-15, 2016 in Berg en Dal (The Netherlands), close to Radboud
University (Nijmegen).


  • Solon Barocas (Princeton University),
  • George Danezis (UCL),
  • Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven / iMinds),
  • Lilian Edwards (University of Strathclyde),
  • Seda G=FCrses (Princeton University),
  • Eleni Kosta (TILT – Tilburg University / PI.lab),
  • Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam),
  • Helen Nissenbaum (New York University) – to be confirmed,
  • Jo Pierson (Vrije Universiteit Brussel / iMinds)


Jaap-Henk Hoepman (Radboud University /PI.lab)


The interdisciplinary summer school on privacy provides an intensive one
week academic post-graduate programme teaching privacy from a technical,
legal and social perspective. The goal of the summer school is to
provide students with a solid background in the theory of privacy
construction, modelling and protection from these three different =


The school lasts one week, with nine scheduled lectures (five morning
lectures and four afternoon lectures) of two and a half hours each. The
late afternoon / early evening is used for hands on working group =
sessions to study practical cases.

The school is held in a location that encourages dialogue and social
interactions between both the staff and the students, both during
lectures and in the evening. Staff (i.e. lecturers) are encouraged to
stay at the summer school for the whole length of the school. The summer
school is foremost aimed at PhD students from computer science, law and
social sciences.

More Information

Registration is required, and the registration fee will be determined
soon. People expressing interest will be notified when the full
registration page becomes available.

For all inquiries about the summer school please consult our website