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De Gruyter Saur / IFLA Research Paper Award 2016

Digital Libraries: Knowledge creation and sharing

Goal: Advance research on Digital Libraries as environment facilitating collaboration, creation and sharing of knowledge

Submissions are invited to focus on one of several of the following subthemes:

  • Intersection of Digital Libraries and Digital Humanities
  • User participation and crowdsourcing
  • Linked Open Data
  • Open Data and re-use of data
  • Open Access
  • Digital scholarship, e-science and Digital Libraries
  • Use of Digital Library in information practices
  • The impact of Digital Libraries in user community and learning
  • Data curation
  • The role of Digital Libraries in sustaining access to information
  • Professional competencies of digital librarians

The award is aimed at encouraging original research and publication by those relatively new to the profession. Those with no more than eight years of professional experience in library and information services are eligible.

The award is an amount of EUR 1,000 (one thousand Euros)

The selected paper must have been written no earlier than January 2015 and not yet to have been published. The paper’s maximum length should be approximately 5,000 words and should be submitted in English.

The award selection panel is comprised of members of the IFLA Library Theory and Research Section. All applicants will be required to sign a licence for De Gruyter Saur to publish their submitted paper in one of De Grutyer Saur’s journals.

Both IFLA and De Gruyter Saur will announce and further publicize the award via their websites, relevant mailing lists, journals and newsletters, press conferences, news releases, etc.