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2016 Elections

Results of the 2016 ASIS&T Board of Directors Election

Congratulations to the new board members and thank you to all the candidates!


Lisa Given

ASIS&T offers scholars, professionals, and students, worldwide, a home for sharing ideas, insights and innovations in information science research and practice. If elected President I will focus on the following initiatives, as aligned to ASIS&T’s Strategic Plan:

  • We should deepen and strengthen engagement with members across borders. ASIS&T has embraced its role as an international organization, enabling connections for members worldwide. Having lived and worked on two continents, I know the challenges and benefits of maintaining member relationships internationally. We should facilitate member access to ASIST events across time zones and ensure content is relevant to local contexts. By building on the success of the new ASIS&T website, and the webinar series, and by further developing international Chapters, we can foster connections globally.
  • We should broaden the membership base across disciplines and in practice. As Chair of the 2015 Conference, I introduced a focus on applied research as part of a “research impact” theme. This introduced ASIS&T to practitioner-researchers and scholars in other disciplines who were unfamiliar with the Association. We can build on this momentum through targeted strategies to extend ASIS&T’s profile and reach (e.g., multidisciplinary recruiting; webinar topic expansion; co-branding of practice-based events).
  • We should foster research capacity building and research leadership. ASIS&T’s conferences and publications disseminate excellent research. We should draw on this expertise by actively encouraging research partnerships between academics and practitioners, by offering (virtual) research design workshops, and by providing opportunities to develop interdisciplinary teams. Partnering with groups working in evidence-based librarianship (for example) could extend our membership base and foster research excellence beyond ASIS&T’s traditional footprint.
  • We should develop a structured knowledge management plan for sharing materials within and across ASIS&T’s committees. As Chair of the 2015 Conference and as Chair of SIG-USE, I benefited tremendously from the open sharing of documents and “lessons learned” from previous Chairs. ASIS&T’s committees generate a wealth of knowledge and materials, but we need a systematic and ongoing strategy for gathering and sharing information to ease the transition for new committee members.

ASIS&T has been my primary Association for two decades, since I was a doctoral student.  I value the connections I have made and the opportunities to “give back” through ASIS&T’s committees and events. I would be honored to serve as President, to continue to share my energy, enthusiasm, and leadership experience by contributing to the work of the Association over the next three years. [more]


June Abbas

ASIST has been my professional home since I joined in 1998. I look forward to attending the Annual meeting each year to reconnect with colleagues and friends, to be inspired by novel ideas and innovative research, and to learn.

I have served ASIST in various capacities through the years, both as member and officer. The highlight of my service has been serving as Director at Large for the past three years. Being part of the Board and working very closely with each Board member, HQ, and the Executive Director has helped me better understand how decisions are made within the association, the depth of discussion and consideration necessary to determine all matters related to the functioning and growth of the association, and the vital role that ALL members play. Other highlights of my service to ASIST include: serving as Chair and later Co-Chair of the Information Science Education Committee (a position I held for 4 years) and being elected as Chair of SIG DL. Both experiences have taught me much about ASIST and how our society functions. Each position also allowed me to reach out to members of the ASIST community to encourage involvement. Our society is only as strong as its membership so it is vital that we continue to bring in new members and to encourage more active participation of existing members.

If elected as Treasurer I would work to ensure that the financial health of our organization is sustained through close collaboration with the Board, HQ, and our Executive Director. Providing oversight of our financial matters and reporting out to the Board and membership is vital for continued success of the association’s financial health. Having served on the Board has provided me with valuable insights that I hope will serve me well as Treasurer. [more]


Heather O’Brien

As a member of the Board of Directors, I would support ASIS&T’s Strategic Plan and mission to “provid[e] focus, opportunity, and support to information professionals and organizations” worldwide. I am particularly invested in the strategic directions of mentoring and outreach. ASIS&T is a great source for formal and informal mentoring, such as the First Timers’ Breakfast and New Leaders’ Award.  In 2006, I participated in the Doctoral Seminar as the recipient of the ISI Information Science Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship, an invaluable experience for dissertation and career advice. I would be excited to expand ASIS&T’s mentorship initiatives through ongoing, virtual opportunities for students, professionals, and junior and mid-career faculty. A peer-to-peer mentoring program would provide just-in-time advice and support for mentees, and connect us as international academics and professionals. Another area I am passionate about is outreach. It is important to increase ASIS&T authors’ visibility, and support open access options and new forms of scholarship. Yet it is also essential to assess how information research and professional practice affects people on an individual and societal level.  A strong organization is a caring and connected one, and I am committed to enhancing the qualities of ASIS&T that have made it my professional home. If elected, I will help others find and build community within the organization, and ensure that we continue to champion the meaningful transmission and use of information in our society. [more]

Dania Bilal

ASIS&T has been my professional home since I joined in the early 1990s. I have served ASIST in various capacities through the years, both as member and officer. I served as SIG Cabinet Advisor (2003-2005), co-Chair of SIG USE (2001-2002) and Chair (2003); Chair of the SIG USE Awards Committee (2009-2011), co-Chair of the Information Behavior Track (2011 ASIS&T Annual Meeting); and served on the Review Committee of several ASIS&T annual meetings. I was also member of the International Relations Committee (IRC) from 2007-2011. I am engaged in SIG USE, SIG ED, and International Information Issues SIG (SIG III).

If elected as Director-at-Large, I would work to enhance ASIS&T’s global perspective through establishing partnerships with professional associations in the Middle East, especially in countries that does not have an ASIS&T presence. I would focus on recruitment of information professionals from those countries to increase diversity beyond borders. I would also work with ASIS&T communities to develop strategies that broaden the scope of our understanding of the values and practices of information in these multicultural societies. [more]