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Full-time PhD Studentships

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
Stipend: £14,057 per year net plus fee bursary, Ref: 9668
Based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is home to internationally recognised researchers in semantic technologies, text-mining, artificial intelligence and digital libraries. KMi offers students an intellectually challenging environment with exceptional research and computer facilities.

We are currently offering fully-funded studentships commencing October 2016. Applications are invited from UK, EU and international students for full-time, 3-year study on the following PhD topics. For further information, contact details are provided for each topic.

  • Web-scale research analytics for identifying high performance and trends: data-driven approaches to scientometrics (2 positions – supported by Jisc). This topic will look into new forms of research assessment analysis based on textual data in research publications. We expect the applicant to work on the intersection of text analysis, social network analysis and data mining.
  • Large-scale information extraction from unstructured textual resources. The student is expected to work with millions of research papers extracting useful information from their text to assist in knowledge discovery & information retrieval. It is expected the applicant will focus on developing new information extraction methods relying on machine learning.
  • Discovering semantic relationships in large textual collections with applications to recommender systems for research. This topic will look into personalised and non-personalised approaches to the discovery of related research papers, topics, people, facts, etc. It is expected the new methods will benefit from various forms of content relationship analysis, such as finding similar and/or contradictory content, discovering evidence, etc. The methods may also be combined with new user-based approaches, such as those similar to collaborative filtering.

All of the above PhD topics provide an excellent opportunity in doing research in an area where the research outcomes could be easily tested and deployed in practical applications operated by KMi. We strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Petr Knoth (petr.knoth at open dot ac dot uk) to discuss your interest prior to writing your research proposal.

Deadline: Applicants will be interviewed as soon as possible after they formally apply. The studentships are available until they are filled.

– See more details on the application process at: