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A student’s perspective: Annual Meeting 2016

This post is by Zhe Wang, a student at Peking University and a volunteer at #ASIST2016.

As a second year master student of Peking University, I felt lucky and flatted to serve as a student volunteer in the 2016 annual meeting of ASIS&T. The unimaginable journey started on October 14th by meeting with Stephan our wonderful director, and also talking with my colleagues including Si and Sarah from Rutgers, Rachel from University of Wisconsin–Madison, John and Leslie from University of North Carolina, Chong from University of North Texas and so on. Most of my colleagues were PhD candidates, so I benefit a lot from their academic experience. As a matter of fact, we were responsible for a small amount of workload as student volunteers and got even more opportunities to listening to lectures and networking with scholars from all around the world. I believe it was a great fortune provided by the conference committee to assist young scholars with little academic funds. With one poster accepted, I was not even sure if I could make it to Copenhagen without the registration fee kindly waived by the committee. In a word, being a student volunteer not only made my first international academic trip possible, but largely widened my horizon as a master student. Last but not least, if anybody would like to apply for the student volunteers of the 2017 annual meeting, do not hesitate to send an email to the conference committee as soon as the paper/poster getting accepted, because just as they say, the early bird catches the worm. Hope you may enjoy the fruitful experience of being a student volunteer.