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Members Made #GivingTuesday a Success

ASIS&T members were generous on November 29th – this year’s date for #GivingTuesday. A first time for this type of initiative, ASIS&T members rallied to support libraries worldwide. The Board of Directors had chosen TechSoup Global as the organization to receive donations. TechSoup Global provides software products to nonprofits, charities and libraries around the world.

Given that the initiative had a short turnaround time, it is impressive that over 200 ASIS&T members participated, raising over $700. We want to thank those members that contributed to this effort. We hope to have similar initiatives that bring us together as a community for a good cause.

TechSoup Global was chosen because it gave technical assistance to libraries around the world. The goal was to support an organization that was tangible to our member’s professional efforts and was worldwide. They were also already a participating organization with #GivingTuesday. There was no time to develop a partnership with an organization that wasn’t already registered for #GivingTuesday. However, if you know of a charity that better fits in with ASIS&T’s mission, please let us know for next year. We will begin the process earlier (sometime in the summer) therefore allowing time to develop a relationship with an organization, as well as a robust campaign. Ideas for potential charities can be directed to Yolande Nanayakkara, Communications Officer at

We want to thank our members for their support and generosity. However small the donation, it’s a miracle for those on the receiving end. ASIS&T members offered over 700 miracles to libraries around the world this past #GivingTuesday. We’re so proud of our members, and thank them for their support.