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2017 SIG AH Symposium April 18-19, 2017

The theme for the 2017 SIG AH Symposium is: The Information and the Technology of Open Science in the Humanities. Digital technology has had a profound impact on scientific and scholarly communication. This program is a free, online symposium scheduled for April 18 & 19, 2017,  12-4:30pm ET/9-1:30PM PT. The program includes fundamental changes to how individuals and groups find information, carry out collaborative projects, and publish, assess, and preserve growing amounts of content. In the sciences, the idea of open research processes and dissemination is inherent in changing research practices; but how are the concepts related to Open Science applied to research in, and about, disciplines in the Humanities?

Please join us with scheduled speakers:

Miriam Posner, UCLA : Research data

Bjorn Hammerfelt, The University of Borås : Research metrics

Michael Blackm University of Massachusetts, Lowell : Web scraping

Kate Hayes, Independent Musician : Open Symphony

Alexander Monea,  George Mason University : Speculative code theory

Jamie Thomas, Swarthmore College : Zombie discourse analysis

Joan Beaudoin, Wayne State University : Information retrieval in art history

David Bourget, University of Western Ontario : Philosophy, PhilPapers

Joe Locke & Ben Wright, University of Houston-Victoria & University of Texas at Dallas : The American Yawp


Additional details about the speakers, and the agenda, will be available on the 2017 Virtual Symposium website: