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Chapter of the Year

The 2017 Chapter of the Year Award goes to the European Chapter (EUChap). The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding chapters for their contributions to ASIS&T and the advancement of information science. ASIS&T Regional Chapters competed for this award under the criteria of Membership, Chapter Meetings, Projects and Services, Collaboration, Communication, Financial, Awards, and Administration.
The European Chapter has done excellent work increasing their overall membership and extending membership to six new countries! By adding new Country Representatives and continued collaboration with the student chapter, they have experienced additional membership growth. They have created an impressive list of publications promoting their chapter. The range of chapter activities demonstrates dedication to promoting the chapter and the ASIS&T organization as well as providing professional and collaborative opportunities for members.

The EUChap has 190 members including 30 student members and four institutional members, primarily academics and faculty. The chapter grew by 81 members since 2016. This chapter has performed valuable services in connecting its members to LIS jobs and resources. They have held 10 events over many countries as well as leading 6 projects collaborating with student groups as well as regional groups. This chapter has active means of communication including email, mailing lists, a wiki, and a social media presence, as well as a well-managed budget.

This Chapter is no stranger to awards, boasting 5 nominations and 4 awards including member of EUChap 2016 (Peter Ingwersen), Chapter of the Year for 2016 (European Chapter), chapter member of the year 2016 (Isabella Peters), and nomination for the Award Crestos 2017 (Agnes Mainka).

The European Chapter has the highest membership, managed its budget efficiently and provides many opportunities for its members to engage with one another. The chapter also holds many programs distributed over the European continent.