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SIG Publication of the Year

SIG/Arts & Humanities’s (SIG/AH) publication, The June/July Bulletin Special Section on  A New Open Humanities has been chosen as the winner of the ASIS&T 2017 SIG Publication of the Year Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize the best publication by a SIG during the previous year.

SIG/AH’S publication examined the range of Arts and Humanities research and practice. The jury chooses the publication of the year based on its relevance for the SIG members; societal or scholarly significance of the topic discussed; creativity and originality of the content; clarity of expression; and presentation quality. This publication exceled in each one of these.

The publication exemplifies the work our SIG members do to spread the word of their research, outreach, and plans for the future. The jury indicated that publications are the lifeblood of research and this special section really highlights the work being conducted in the fields that depend on open science in the humanities. This reaches into the realms of data visualization, interactive exhibits, and data management showing that ASIS&T SIG members’ work reaches far beyond traditional academic silos.