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2017 Chapter Event of the Year Award

The 2017 Chapter Event of the Year Award goes to the Central Ohio Chapter’s (CO-ASIS&T) “2017 Summer of Tours.” The purpose of the award is to recognize the best event held by a Chapter during the previous year. Criteria used to judge chapter events are relevance for the chapter’s members, societal or scientific/technical significance of the topic discussed, creativity, originality, and presentation quality, benefit to the Chapter or ASIS&T and success in meeting the event’s goals.

The CO-ASIS&T event offered tours and expert practitioner presentations at five different central Ohio information institutions. Reviewers noted the diversity of these five tours (one associated with a school library, one with a corporate information center, one with a public library, and two with different academics) that gave exceptional insights into the information professional community in Ohio.

In addition to executing a highly successful five part program, this event created a milestone for ASIS&T and set an example of how ASIS&T can create value for its members at a local level. Please join us in congratulating the Central Ohio chapter’s members as their “Summer of Tours” event indeed, stands as the ASIS&T chapters’ signature event of the year.