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SIG SI Officer Positions Nominations

Hi SIG SI members, we are now seeking nominations for three officer positions with the SIG.

The first of these is for the position of Chair or Co-Chair of the SIG for 2017-18. The responsibilities of the SIG’s Chair or Co-Chair include organizing and running SIG SI’s annual symposium / workshop, with assistance from invited symposium committee members (if desired); coordinating panel proposals that SIG SI may sponsor for the ASIS&T Annual Meeting; support the process of determining the winners of SIG SI’s awards, alongside SIG SI’s Awards Coordinator (currently Kristin Eschenfelder); attend the SIG Cabinet Meeting at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting (or determine a suitable substitute delegate from among the SIG officers); and other leadership activities for the SIG, if desired and as determined along with SIG SI’s other officers. Both outgoing SIG SI Co-Chairs, Kalpana Shankar and Eric Meyer, will remain around as past chairs to offer input and advice, help out with the transition, and encourage continuity.The second officer position we are seeking nominations for is Secretary. The responsibilities of the SIG’s Secretary are focused on keeping notes from and records of all meetings (including the SIG’s business meeting at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting) and assisting with arrangements for SIG meetings and activities. Examples of the latter for past Secretaries have included helping manage the peer review process for symposium submissions and assisting with the SIG’s former newsletter.

We are also seeking nominations for the position of Treasurer. The responsibilities of the SIG’s Treasurer are focused on maintaining records of the SIG’s budget, keeping in close contact with SIG Cabinet about our yearly allocations. The Treasurer ensures the SIG remains viable financially and provides report on the SIG’s finances at the SIG’s business meeting at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

The Treasurer, Secretary, and SIG Chair should collaborate with each other and in conjunction with other SIG SI officers to determine the SIG’s planned activities each year, providing for submissions to SIG Cabinet as called for by that body. The Secretary and Treasurer have typically been separate people in the SIG’s past, but the same person may serve in both roles if able and willing; the Chair / Co-Chair should not also be the Secretary or Treasurer. Once elected, the Chair / Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer would serve alongside the SIG’s other continuing officers, including Communications officer Catherine Dumas (Albany), Social Chair Adam Worrall (Alberta), and Awards Coordinator Kristin Eschenfelder (Wisconsin – Madison). As noted, former and outgoing SIG officers will also be around to help with the transition and to offer input and advice where and when needed.

If you or someone you know is potentially interested in stepping up and serving as SIG SI’s Chair / Co-Chair, Secretary, and/or Treasurer, please submit a nomination to myself ( by Monday October 16th at 8pm US Eastern time. Please include SIG SI in the subject line. We thank you for your consideration of these crucial roles within the SIG!

Adam Worrall, Ph.D.
Elections Coordinator, ASIS&T SIG SI
Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
School of Library and Information Studies
3-15 Rutherford South
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J4  (780) 492-0179