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International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Science (FEIS)

10-11 September 2018, Pisa, Italy

The International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Science (FEIS 2018) is organized in the frame of the activities of the Erasmus+ EINFOSE٭ project. The ultimate goal of EINFOSE is to define common entry requirements and learning outcomes that will mitigate or even eliminate the present-day differences in enrolment procedures at different Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) offering programs in Information Science (IS) at the Master level. That would clearly contribute to a higher mobility of students between European HEIs and to a higher enrolment of students with different educational background at the graduate level programs in IS.

Contributions are solicited from higher education institutions and their governing bodies, from public authorities responsible for the implementation of EU guidelines and recommendations and from representatives of national agencies for diploma recognition, ECTS implementation and qualification frameworks. Contributions are also solicited from researchers and institutions willing to share their experience and accomplishments in recognition and mobility processes and in building up the European Qualification Framework and its local implementations. Also contributions related to the implementation of new teaching and learning methodologies and to evaluation processes and methods would be quite appropriate for the objectives of the conference. Contributions from outside EU are very welcome, to allow a worldwide comparison of issues and solutions.

It is expected that the exchange of ideas and experience in accreditation processes, cooperative efforts and joint programs at graduate and postgraduate level throughout the world will contribute to the shaping of a better future of education for information professionals in Europe and worldwide.

10-11 September 2018, Pisa, Italy

Suggested topics

  • Educational trends in higher education
  • Information professionals in a changing digital world (new profiles, old skills and new competencies, social role)
  • Entrepreneurship and the information professional
  • Future of professional education
  • Ethical values in information sciences/profession (universal access, intellectual freedom, collaboration etc.)
  • Multidisciplinarity issues and relation with other sciences (Computer Sciences, Digital Humanities, Economics etc.)
  • Best educational practices and current challenges
  • Software tools and platforms for collaborative learning and teaching
  • Open educational resources
  • Role and responsibility of archives, libraries and documentation centres in higher education
  • Entrance into the labour market of IS graduates

Keynote speakers

David Bawden, City University London, UK
Laif Kajberg, School of Library and Information Science, Denmark
Gary Marchionini, University of North Carolina, USA
Anna Maria Tammaro, University of Parma, Italy

Visit for more information on deadlines, submissions, registration etc.


٭The project EINFOSE – European Information Science Education: Encouraging Mobility and Learning Outcomes Harmonization ( is funded under Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education. Partner institutions: University of Barcelona, Spain; University of Borås, Sweden; University of Graz, Austria; Hacettepe University, Turkey; University of Hildesheim, Germany; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; University of Osijek, Croatia and University of Pisa, Italy.