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SIG SI Election Results & 2017-18 Officers

Hi everyone, I am now able to report the results of our recent election for SIG SI officers. This includes votes received from the morning of November 2nd until the evening of November 9th. (Note that one duplicate ballot — from the same IP as one submitted three minutes earlier — was discarded, but would not have impacted the winners.)

Emad Khazraee is our new SIG SI Chair, with 17 votes for. There were 6 abstentions.

Kirstin Phelps is our new SIG SI Secretary, with 15 votes for. 6 votes went to Charlene Finley, with 2 abstentions.

Xiaohua Awa Zhu is our new SIG SI Treasurer, with 21 votes for. There were 2 abstentions.

Catherine  Dumas and Rachel Simons are our new SIG SI Communications officers, with 23 votes for (and no abstentions).

Congratulations to Emad, Kirstin, Awa, Catherine, and Rachel, who will serve alongside the continuing Kristin Eschenfelder as Awards Coordinator and Adam Worrall as Social Chair. Here’s to a great year for SIG SI!

Adam Worrall, SIG Social Chair