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API Uses — Looking forward to our winter conference on APIs!

I'm looking forward to our conference on January 8th on APIs in libraries! You can sign up for the event here: On Eventbrite

Because of this excitement, I feel like I'm seeing API information everywhere! Here is the recording of a session called Trends and Technology Accelerating Scholarly Research put together by ACRL/Choice. ACRL/Choice Webinars: Trends and Technology Accelerating Scholarly Research The link will take you to the beginning of Judy Russell's (Dean of University Libraries, University of Florida) presentation on using Elsevier's API to help populate her institutional repository with the metadata for articles written by University of Florida faculty all the way back to 1945.

Are you excited about our conference? Have you seen or given any presentations about the practical application of API technology? Tell us about it in the comments!

All my best!
Catherine Dixon