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Reminder: SIG SM panel invitation

The SIG SM would like to thank everyone who participated in the panel survey! Based on your feedback, we have determined the topic for our panel proposal:

Social Media: Politics, surveillance and democracy

In this panel we intend to address questions regarding how social media may or will be used in these political contexts, the effects of surveillance, the freedoms in public discussion, as well as the broader social consequences of social media proliferation. Social media have existed for less than 20 years and have already caused major changes in how the Internet is used around the world. Social network sites and applications such as Facebook and Twitter have become some of the major platforms where semi-public and public communication are carried out, and networks of participation and information exchange are formed. However, the benefits of social media also come with serious questions regarding government surveillance, freedom of speech and the proliferation of social inequalities and divisions. Although social media provide an opportunity to exchange political information and connect with others about political issues, knowledge about government surveillance affects how people browse content online, and share their views online. Social media, as proliferated in countries where freedom of speech are more or less respected, are open for controversially and politically charged discussions. However, should any type of speech be banned from social network sites? Where do we cross the line? Social media and Internet technologies more broadly allow individuals to connect to various individuals and groups around the world and obtain reliable information regarding public affairs. However, existing social hierarchies and inequalities do not seem to be affected by the presence of social media. Is the use and distribution of social media leading to greater or lesser divisions of attitudes among the population? Are there other social effects?

We are inviting speakers who would like to participate in a panel at ASIST Annual Meeting in 2018, and discuss these or related issues, to signal to us their interest via email:

Please send us your proposal due to March 22nd, 2018:

  • Your planned research topic for the panel
  • A short biography (about 200 words) about you and your considered research topic