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Questions I never dared to ask… (miniBarcamp Annual Meeting 2018)

Our miniBARcamp is meant to be an open space for interesting discussions and relaxed conversations before the ASIS&T Annual Meeting starts. It is also a place to meet and get in touch with other students, researchers and practitioners from all over the world, to have a snack and enjoy yourself! This year the motto is: All things Europe! We will do our best to bring the European flair to Vancouver! We will also present the winners of our Scientivity Contest. Everybody who wants to join us is invited to bring ideas and topics to be discussed. This could be your own research, work project or something completely different! The topics that are going to be discussed will be decided collectively by the audience as it is typical for the barcamp format.

For exchanging ideas, starting conversations or raising questions, you have to talk to each other. Some of us are sometimes too shy to ask all of their questions. Together with Marie L. Radford, Javed Mostafa as well as students, we will offer an interactive quiz to answer those questions „We never dared to ask”. For that, we need you and your concerns, which you never dared to ask a professor or a student.