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2018 SIG-DL Student Engagement Award Winner Announcement

Alessandra Seiter

The Special Interest Group-Digital Libraries (SIG-DL) is delighted to announce the winner of the SIG-DL 2018 Student Engagement Award: Alessandra Seiter.

Alessandra Seiter is a MLIS candidate at Simmons University School of Library and Information Science, concentrating in Cultural Heritage Informatics. Her LIS praxis is informed by an undergrad education in human geography and a robust background in political activism. Much of her research has focused on collective action and the online/offline spaces where it occurs. Alessandra is passionate about using technology to facilitate social change.

In her essay for the Student Engagement Award, Alessandra presented her idea to explore “how to best ensure technology’s use as an arbiter of human wellbeing for all—rather than as an aggravator of inequity,” based on “the conviction that organizing information from grassroots sources could serve as a means of community empowerment.”

As the recipient of the Student Engagement Award, Alessandra will be funded to attend the 2018 ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Vancouver.

The SIG-DL Student Engagement Award is intended to assist promising students in becoming active contributors within the ASIS&T community through involvement in SIG-DL. The award is granted annually. The 2018 application process was highly competitive and SIG-DL recognizes the outstanding candidates, including Alessandra, who applied for the award this year.